"For God's Sake, Stop Complying!"

Screen capture from "It's a Wonderful Life"

By Mike Johnson

Christine Anderson, German member of european parliament (MEP), implores humanity to stop feeding the beast that is trying to destroy us.

Christine Anderson's 3-minute warning to humanity.

God wins in the end.
If you align with God, you win eternally too.

But in the meantime, the devil is trying to crush you and everyone you love.
His cabal has worked its way into running all the major systems on earth.
Now they are lowering the boom.

They’ve stolen your health.
They’ve stolen your purchase power.
They’ve stolen your elections.
They’ve stolen your rights.
They’ve stolen your justice system.
They've stolen your border security.

The organized cabal that runs your governments is so hopelessly evil, corrupt, bribed or ignorant that they do not deserve your obedience, compliance or compassion.

These people are destroying you and everyone you love.
Both through their direct actions and their purposeful inactions.

I cannot see their inner soul.
But their actions/inactions are openly devilish.

Your local and state governments may not be the authors of evil.
But their ignorance, silence, inaction and unconstitutional enforcement enable it.
They are our representatives.
They did nothing to stop the covid murders.
They are doing nothing to stop what is coming.
They have stained their souls.

Within minutes, days or weeks, the worldwide criminal cabal will steal the remainder of everyone’s paper and digital wealth.

Your bank will fail.
They will keep your deposits.
They have secretly written new “laws” and procedures that allow them to be paid before you.

Here is the proof: The Great Taking

They will openly steal your life savings.
Your retirement accounts.
Your stocks.
Your bonds.
Your checking and savings accounts.
Your social security.

If you have loans or mortgages, they’ll repossess your car and your house to steal the equity.
If you can't touch it, you won't own it.
If it's not in your personal possession, owned free and clear, you won't keep it.
And they have diabolical ways to steal those things too.

When this happens, you’ll want to hang them all.
As you gain clarity about what they did, your anger will burn.
Short of shooting them in the head yourself, there will be nothing you can do about it.

But there is something you can do right now.

Withdraw all your money.
While you still can.

It you don’t, thousands of hours of research say you will lose it all.

They are going to steal everything you own.
That is their plan.
The links above prove it.
Theft has been their plan for decades.

Rape and pillage the Titanic until it’s an empty husk, then purposely drive it into an iceberg.
The greedy bastards will even raid the dessert cart as it sinks.

They’ll blame it on someone or something else.
"Nobody could see it coming," they'll say.
"These things happen," they'll say.
"What a shame," they'll say.

If you withdraw your money NOW, you screw them before they screw you.
As we all take back what is ours, they all go under before they were ready.

Then THEY will gain instant karma for their own crimes.
THEY will suffer the losses they had planned to transfer to you.

Better, by bankrupting them, they don’t have the funds to continue their tyranny in every other area of evil they are unleashing on the world.

Poison injections.
Stolen elections.
Open, unvetted borders.
Using their lying media to divide us and start a civil war.

Besides withdrawals, you can feed yourself and starve the beast by reducing your spending in every possible way.

Cancel your cell plan.
Cancel your satellite and cable TV.
Drop back to one car.
Prepare your own meals.
Educate yourself to live healthier, free of doctors and prescriptions.
Start a side business and work from home.
Cancel daycare.
Lawfully stop paying taxes using your legal business deductions.

This strengthens yourself while weakening the cabal.

Now take back your attention.

Ditch the smart phone.
Stop using Google (it was created by the cabal’s CIA).
Stop watching mainstream media.
Walk away from woke sports leagues like the NFL and MLB.
Stop trusting leaders, authorities and "experts."
Do your own research and become your own expert.
Get right with God.

Earth’s major systems are run by the devil.
Feeding the devil is like digging your own grave.
He’s planning your physical, financial and spiritual murder.


Watchers like me have invested many thousands of hours over many decades, getting to the bottom of the devil’s systems.
We have been warning people for years.
We saw the pattern.
We saw the trajectory.
We saw the increased progression of tyranny.

We see where all this leads.
We can’t predict the exact timing but can see that it’s imminent.
Better to be weeks or months early than a day late.

God bless us all during these tumultous times.

Here is more information you need to ingest before it is too late.

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