The Writer's Connection

By Mike Johnson

That Moment You Realize Youíve Found Your Tribe.

Youíve got them eagerly eating out of your hand.

Theyíve got you eagerly feeding them.

Everyone is in flow with their frequency.

Thatís the connection we seek.

As a writer, a reader or a romantic.

These are the best moments. They inspire. Inform. Entertain. All with emotion.

Assembling that depth of dimension is a magical process. Our best writing is an enchanting surprise to us too.

We start with a photo, or a memory or a few words. Then something takes over. We leave our bodies. We exit time & space. An hour passes in a minute.

When we return to the denseness of matter, letters on a page create tears on a cheek. Or clarity of thought. Or a desire to do something big.

Itís never just the words.

Itís never just the corn or alfalfa.

Itís what they represent.



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