Rabbit Holes

By Mike Johnson

You’d think people want truth. You’d be wrong.

They want confirmation.
People seek assurance that they are right.

Sadly, they get this assurance from others. Who have the same knowledge flaws.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, the majority smoked, including doctors. Actors regularly smoked on television. The masses saw smoking as sophisticated and cool.

The aware minority saw the truth. Why would anyone light a stick and suck in stinky smoke? It’s stupid, unhealthy and abuses people nearby.

This minority ignored the masses and used their own discernment to determine what was “right.”

Decades later, the rest of the world finally figured this out.

Pick any topic. It’s possible that you are the only one who is “right” in the entire world.

Do you have the clarity, confidence and courage to stand with unpopular truth?

Only if you stop looking to others to confirm your knowledge.

The masses are totally lost. They’re lovable, they’ve got good hearts, but they know virtually nothing. In fact, almost everything they think they know is wrong.

Not just small things either. Huge things.

Who they are. Where they live. What they’re doing. Why they’re doing it.

The harried masses only know what they’ve been told. They don’t account for authorities hiding information and telling lies. They don’t account for teachers unknowingly parroting those same lies and omissions. They trust television. They trust others who confirm the same knowledge flaws.

Worse, they never step outside the hive’s constant activity and noise to research, ponder and critically think.

They are afraid of solitude. Their soul is a stranger. It’s uncomfortable to them. So they prefer constant activity and distraction.

You however, love solitude. You enjoy your own company. It’s the best place to discover deeper truths. You enjoy researching information rabbit holes. They expose conventional wisdom as ridiculous fairy tales. You find it amazing that you were fooled so long. That so many others are still bamboozled.

So you prefer being alone.

As you age, social small talk annoys you. You want to talk about truths that deeply matter. Truths the masses cannot yet conceive and refuse to believe.

But alas, these truths are foreign languages that no one else understands. Worse, they have no interest in ever learning. Which makes you sad.

So you return to solitude. You return to self. You return to peace and joy and equilibrium.

The world doesn’t get you. But your soul certainly does.

That, and the search for truth, is more than enough.



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