Monday Escape Plan

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By Mike Johnson

The greatest benefit of controlling your own income is the freedom.

Freedom from othersí work schedules.
Freedom from commutes.
Freedom from wearing work costumes.
Freedom from masks and injections.
Freedom from kooky coworkers and commanders.
Freedom from knuckleheads with the authority to layoff or fire your income stream.

This is written on Monday. Are you once again ripped from weekend freedom to captivity at the cubicle farm?

As society's freedom, finance, faith and fellowship continue to be stripped away, the greater your self-sufficiency, the greater your family's security and peace of mind.

Itís way past time to convert any retirement accounts or savings into real goods, and better, real ways to generate income yourself.

Perhaps a food truck. A piece of heavy equipment. A wood or metal shop. A log splitter. A pressure washer. A carpet cleaner. A riding lawn mower.

All of these can be used to generate income on your own schedule. An hour of research will identify a dozen other ideas.

Here are 87 ways to quickly earn cash outside of a job: 43 Ways to Earn Cash Today, 44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow

Here is the largest source of business ideas: My Yellow Pages Article

Here is a good priority list of what to convert your savings into first: Where Should I Invest?

To most people, today is just another Monday.

To you, it could be the banner day you committed to achieving financial independence.

You and your loved ones deserve it.



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