By Mike Johnson

Born naked, with no memory of what came before, you step into the existing system. You conform with the others in the matrix.

You learn to walk. Use a toilet. Speak the language.

Now you enter school. This is where the heavy grooming begins.

The most diabolical is the schedule. The prime, center-cut hours of your day are stolen for school. 7-3, 8-4 or 9-5. You turn your body and your mind over to strangers for programming. They teach the curriculum. The standards. The conformity. They define your reality.

Later, you will be so used to surrendering the best part of your day to others that it will seem normal to do it for an employer. It’s 9-5 in that world too.

You get so used to turning your body and mind over to others that you won’t question authority.

They push you hard to attain “credentials” from their colleges, grooming you to believe that “credentialed experts” have superior lives. Governments back the $100,000+ college loans, making it easy to rack-up massive debt. This debt keeps most people slaves for the rest of their lives.

Now you’re “qualified” to professionally beg for one of their jobs. They pay just enough to survive, while offering a 401K payroll deduction that promises a lavish retirement, 40 years later, that will never arrive. Sure, if you miraculously keep the job 40 years, the math says you might have a million or two, but by then the currency will only buy $100K or less.

Now people you’ve never seen, with power you never imagined, have controlled the parameters of your entire life from afar.

Their system purposely only teaches enough to obey authority, conform to rules, earn sketchy credentials and work in their jobs or militaries.

Notice there is no money management, tax or entrepreneurial training. No courses on critical thinking. No lessons to control your thoughts and focus. No spiritual training. They want you poor, ignorant, confused, compliant, dependent and trapped by debt and work schedules. Now you have no time, energy or interest to discover just who created these abusive systems.

But finding that answer is the key to your escape.

A brighter, richer, joyful, enlightened life of liberty exists outside their matrix. Few ever look. Few ever achieve it.

Their system is that pervasive.

On purpose.

They’re evil, diabolical groomers.

Fortunately, the escape route is obvious.

To avoid their doom, reject their groom.

Just study, learn, believe and do the exact opposite of what they, their schools and their media tell you.



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