Taxes Are Voluntary

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By Mike Johnson

No one is required to pay a bill they do not owe.
You’re not required to pay logically, laudably or lawfully.
For most Americans, federal and state income tax is a bill you do not owe.

The IRS regulations, US tax code, established court cases, the US Constitution and the US Supreme Court all say so.

Unless you work for the federal government, receive income due to federal privilege (like working for companies that have federal contracts to operate in national parks) or work in Washington, DC, you likely are not liable to pay ANY federal or state income taxes. Our country’s founders were strongly opposed to an income tax and wrote our US Constitution to chain our governments from doing so.

The IRS (and many states) have been running a scam on citizens since World War II, collecting trillions of dollars they had no lawful right to collect.

Former IRS tax agent Joe Banister explains the law and the unlawful IRS actions here:

Another great source goes far deeper and shares hundreds of examples of people who have successfully filed to gain years of REFUNDS of federal, state, medicare and unemployment taxes paid:

IRS court testimony admits that over 200,000 people have openly, lawfully stopped paying federal (and state) taxes using this information. Tens of millions more qualify. The IRS cannot legally stop them. The IRS does however, continue to unlawfully harrass and prosecute citizens who do not understand the law. But, there are actually laws on the books that can personally prosecute individual IRS agents who harrass citizens under color of law. Citizens can lawfully remind rouge tax agents they're liable for $25,000 fines and imprisonment if they behave badly.

The fact is, citizens have far more rights than government employees. Government employees are ordered by the US Constitution to protect our rights, not violate them. Until we push back, they'll continue to unlawfully abuse us. And they'll use our own tax dollars to fund it.

This is a fascinating information rabbit hole. What you do with the information is up to you.

In a world where the federal government is now openly trying to kill us in many different and diabolical ways -- not the least of which is debasing the value of our money by counterfeiting trillions -- starving their income is a rational, peaceful and lawful form of self-defense.

Look into it. Research it. Learn your rights. Clarity gives you confidence and courage to change your behavior. It's well-past time the masses start defending their families and communities by starving the unlawful tyrants.

That this can be done by taking the lawful high road, is all the sweeter.


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