Get Rich By Deletion

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By Mike Johnson

Wealth is created by deletion not addition.

Removing irritants removes frustration, unhappiness and stress.

Quitting a bad job erases everything that made it bad. It all just goes away.

Likewise, quitting a bad marriage, bad friendship, or bad obligation.
Bad neighborhood, bad car, bad housing.
Bad toothbrush, bad hairdo, bad thoughts.

Little things seem to grind away at our peace and joy as much as big things.
So start there. Change is easy. Inexpensive. Private.

Quitting anything thatís unpleasant allows a blast of pleasurable feelings to replace what was deleted.
Youíll wonder why you put up with it so long.

Taste a few small victories and you'll be motivated to quit the bigger things.

The rich donít measure wealth by money.
They measure it by time. By feelings. By experience. By joy. By love.

By freedom. Freedom from anything that is unpleasant.

Delete the bad and everything else is good.

Even the poor can immediately increase their wealth.

Just quit, delete or eliminate something that is unpleasant today.



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