Labor Day

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By Mike Johnson

Iím no fan of Labor Day.

As a kid, it scarred me forever because it was the last day off before school restarted.
It was also the last day of the Minnesota State Fair.
Why do summer and fairs have to end?

As an adult, Labor Day was the last 24 hours of a 3-day weekend.
This knowledge ruined what was otherwise a rare and precious event Ė a Monday at home.
Like Sundays, the dread of returning to work overwhelmed the thrill of temporary freedom.

So I vowed to remove the dread forever.

A Buddhist wouldíve just removed the thought.

I did it the hard way. I removed the job. It felt amazing.

But there isnít enough time in a human life to physically remove all the irritants and dread.

So I vowed to learn how to remove the thoughts.

Iíve given this more time and effort than most. But you never really get there. Itís a practice that never ends.

In that regard, itís always labor day.



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