Trash & Napkins

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By Mike Johnson

I’ve been visiting McDonald’s for 60 years.
Until Monday, I’d never seen a restaurant where every trash can was stuffed to overflowing, both inside and outside the store.
In addition, the one napkin dispenser at the fountain drink bar was empty. There wasn’t an available napkin in the entire store.

The lone gal at the counter was doing an amazing job working through the chaos of an obviously shorthanded breakfast crew.
Yet, the line was long, service times were slow, and every order passed up from the grill team was missing something.
Salt & pepper packets. Plasticware. Butter or syrup.

Customers were teetering right on the angry-but-still-civilized side of frustration. Their dark mood was thick in the air.

Margie and I got the gal to get us a package of napkins. We told her we worked for McDonald’s in the past and knew how to load the dispenser. She was happy for the help. Customers were happy for the napkins.

Our breakfast finally arrived (the food was good and hot) and we completed our meal. There was literally no space left in any garbage can to toss our trash.

So I asked a kid from the grill area for garbage bags. I told him we could quickly change them – and wanted to because we were former employees and saw they needed the help. He spouted the corporate liability line and declined our offer.

Fine. We tried.

Outside trash cans don’t fill up in a single morning. The prior night crew had failed to empty them. The four stuffed, inside cans obviously hadn’t gotten attention since opening.

Trash and napkins revealed the depth of problems here. Clearly the management failed. Clearly the store is short-staffed. They are fortunate to have that great gal working up front. But they’ll soon lose her if they don’t quickly fix the operation. No one can stomach chaotic work conditions for long.

This location is in small town Wyoming. With a friendly, good-hearted and educated workforce to draw from. Imagine the big cities and urban locations. It has to be grim out there.

Our world is suffering a slow-motion collapse in a thousand different ways. Short-staffed businesses are just one symptom. The trajectory is ugly.

But what is to blame?

I could make a long list.

But that’s the wrong question.

The right question is WHO established the global systems that are destroying everything?

No one seems to ever ask that.

Just the way the cabal wants it.



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