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By Mike Johnson

The list of imminent calamities is overwhelming.
If you still get your “news” from mainstream media you know nothing about them.
Perhaps it’s better to die suddenly surprised than concerned, prepared and aware.

The softest of the calamities is our imminent financial collapse. At least it’s not openly violent.
The US dollar will suddenly lose most of its purchase power. It’s careening downhill now, but will soon hit the wall of worthlessness.

The stock and bond market will suddenly lose most of its value. Meaning your retirement accounts and life savings will be erased.
Banks will “bail-in” (steal) all your deposits and close.
Government debts cannot and will not be paid. No social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare.

All commerce will freeze. No one ships goods if they can’t be paid.
No food. No gas. No supplies for utility plants. No parts for machines. Law enforcement paychecks will stop and they’ll abandon their jobs to secure their own families.
The worst of society will go feral and violent, trying to survive by theft and murder.

That’s if Russia doesn’t nuke us first. Which is exactly what the traitors running our federal government are trying to force. They’ve been violating treaties and goading and attacking Russia for years.
The USA government is by far the largest terrorist organization in our world.

Our own government is allowing an open southern border to invite in terrorist recruits from all over the world. Treasonous US leaders are creating cells of foreign attackers to be launched against US citizens and cities.
Hundreds of thousands have already entered.
Arson of food processing plants and forests have already been underway. Most “accidents,” “natural disasters,” and “mass shootings” are orchestrated by the devil's minions who have taken over our government.

Dates are set for far worse. Events are planned. Your federal leaders are your enemy. If this surprises you, you’re getting your information from the cabal’s media. Of course they don’t report their own crimes.

You only know what they decide to tell you. You’ve been asleep.

The bioweapon "vaccines" are still randomly destroying 70% of Americans from the inside. 5G can be adjusted stronger to activate greater injury or sudden death anytime the criminals want.

Daily crop-dusting of humanity with toxic chemicals has been underway for decades. Yes, those chemtrails in the sky are real. Your food and water and air have been poisoned. All disease that wasn’t caused by your own negative thoughts was caused by the devil’s global cabal purposely poisoning everything.

Your brain and your body and your spirit have been pounded down to just five percent of their true capacity. You’ve been under direct attack since birth.

The devil's cabal has used you as a milk cow your entire life. Your own labor and your own money has funded your own demise. Now that the takeover is complete, you're a meat cow.

No leader will save you. No election will be honest. The devil will not relinquish his power.

Our weak, compromised “leaders” are owned by the devil. The devil has all his princes in all their places. Through the power to print unlimited money from thin air, the devil has bought and threatened and blackmailed every leader and organization it needs to take over the world.

The attacks have always been underway. First slowly to soften the battlefield, then suddenly to vanquish.

Yes, this is depressing. But it’s the reality we face.

Welcome to earth. Birth here ensured you’d one day die here. How you live and how you die is up to you.

Courage or coward?

Aware or asleep?

On the side of God or the devil?

Your body is going to die.

I suggest you live and die in ways your soul will be proud to discuss with your creator.

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