Pace is Plastered on Their Face

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By Mike Johnson

The world is filled with robots.
Human robots.

They complete tasks.
Carpool kids.
Attend gatherings.
Run volunteer groups, businesses, governments.

Their body efficiently navigates perpetual activity storms.
Their mind does not. Itís stuck looking inward.
They believe you do not notice.

But you do.
Because you are invisible to them.

They are overwhelmed by the pace of activity and life.
They donít have the bandwidth to dig into others.
They see no deeper than surface.
They do not see the real YOU.

You notice their face.
Their distracted eyes.
Their lack of questions.
The phone in their hands.

Youíre just another bumper to navigate inside their pinball machine.

Which is disappointing because you love them anyway.
There is so much more they could gain from the invisible you.
But they donít see it.

And they never will until they slow their pace and look outward.



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