Where to Start if You Have Nothing

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By Mike Johnson

The very first step in life is self-discipline.

If you cannot make yourself do what needs to be done, you'll never advance.
Youíll live a lesser life.
A harder life.
Make peace with that.

But if you CAN make yourself do what needs to be done, ANYTHING is possible.

Adversity exists to push you to learn new knowledge and new skills. Getting what you donít want, pushes you toward what you do want.

Those who fight for a better life, order themselves to study people who have already achieved what they desire. Then they adapt that knowledge to their own skills and personality, and then force themselves to take action until they get results.

But some people pounded by adversity go into survival mode. Like a losing boxer, they just cover up and absorb the blows.
They cope. Drugs. Alcohol. Depression. Distraction.
Instead of channeling frustration into escaping the misery, they focus on making the misery more tolerable.

This path leads to sickness, broken relationships, crime, incarceration and early death.

Adversity exists to awaken and piss you off so much that you finally do something about it. Something positive.

Itís supposed to be the dark moment that makes your heroic recovery all the sweeter. Youíre the hero.
You write and act your own story.
Overcoming adversity shows you how strong you really are.

Experiencing all this is a large portion of why youíre here.

It all starts with self-discipline. Channel your frustration there. Kick your own ass until it performs.

If you canít make yourself, obey yourself, nothing is going to improve, EVER.



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