Spoon-Feeding Devils

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By Mike Johnson

No moral citizen purposely writes a check to “Satan.”

But they’ll make it out to Verizon. Or DirecTV. Or the US Treasury.

A satanic, global cabal is the largest owner of all these entities, plus 75% of everything else.

It's proven in this free, 60-minute documentary: “Monopoly: Who Owns the World?”

It’s virtually impossible to avoid sending them ANY money. They own most of the corporations and governments.

But it’s quite easy to reduce your blood money by 10%. Or 20%. Or even 30%.

That’s more than enough to eliminate their hold on humanity.

People all over the world have figured this out.

When you send them money, you are digging your own grave.

The tyranny is now obvious. The devils have revealed themselves. Things will only get worse until they are removed from power.

The easiest, most peaceful resistance is to starve them of money in every possible way.

You can quietly, privately, start today.

Join God’s team. Join humanity’s team. Do what you know is right. Stop feeding the beast.

If you don’t start now, when worse arrives, you’ll be lamenting and gnashing your teeth in guilt and self-incrimination.

“Why didn’t I help stop those devils when I had the chance?”

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