Global Propaganda

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By Mike Johnson

Russian collusion. Covid. George Floyd. 2020 "most secure" election. Jan 6 “insurrection.” Ukraine.

All propaganda. All lies. All presented as exactly opposite the truth.

The mainstream media is owned by the evil cabal that is purposely destroying the world.
This media is purposely destroying your discernment, your critical thinking, your mind.

The mainstream media is your ENEMY.

The cabal has perfected and amplified this propaganda so effectively, that people are actually begging to be destroyed.

As an aware and caring human being, I, and millions like me, are trying to awaken the victims before they're killed.

Here is a short overview of what’s going on: Rolling Thunder Global Propaganda

Obviously, the first step is to turn off their media.
Stop enabling them with your money.
Cancel cable and satellite TV.
Slash your live streaming subscriptions.
Stop feeding the beast that is trying to destroy your family.

The second step is to do your own research, using many non-mainstream sources.
This takes discernment.
There are many false prophets.
Much disinformation.

But there is a litmus test. The truth is usually exactly opposite what mainstream media claims.

If the government blames someone else for trouble, it's very likely the cabal-owned government caused it.

You cannot possibly overestimate the depth of evil involved here.
They are purposely, with preplanning and massive lies, depopulating (murdering) the world with a bioweapon they call a "vaccine."
Every day, a new study is released proving the carnage.

Yet, tens of millions still haven't caught on. There are enough of these people to keep the cabal operating.

The third step is to stop complying.
Elections can't stop their tyranny.
Clarity creates the certainty and courage needed to stop cooperating with criminals.
You owe them nothing.
Due to massive fraud, (the legal rule is "fraud vitiates everything"), they have no moral or lawful authority.
They are pure evil.

Humanity's biggest weakness is small thinking.
Imagine the cabal’s absolute worst possible behavior and now multiply it by a thousand.
You'll still land far short of reality.

The devil himself runs earth’s most critical systems.

Our government, military, media, medical, financial, education, justice and election systems have all been overthrown by evil, corrupt devils.
Their princes and minions either worship the devil directly or by unawareness or deceipt, obliviously perform the jobs that benefit the cabal.
This is why nothing ever improves and why everything is getting exponentially worse.

The cabal wants you as a slave or wants you DEAD.

The devil's cabal is aggressively destroying God’s creation.

You’re alive at this time, to witness it all.

Think bigger. You are living during an epic time in history.

Failing to resist will be the biggest mistake your soul ever makes.

We’re trying to awaken the unaware to this truth.

Live your life on earth in ways you'll be proud to talk about on the other side.

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