New Year, New Mirror

Photo: Screen shot from Forrest Gump

By Mike Johnson

Once you wake up and demand it, the world adapts to YOU.

You say who, you say what, you say where, you say how much.

If the world doesn’t agree it can go f*** itself.

And it will.

Try it. Just do what you want to do and the rest of the world adapts or falls away.

The new year is a good time to create a new life.

Much improves just by saying “NO.”

Just say NO to things that annoy you.

Things that guilt you. Enslave you. Tyrannize you. Make your life difficult.

Here is the truth.

A crappy life needs your cooperation to continue.


You have total freedom to change anything right now.


All you lack is the clarity and courage.

Go get them.

Or suffer through another year of confusion, fear and misery.

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