Come Home to Nature

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By Mike Johnson

Nature is real.
The things of man are less so.

Busy people leave population centers to find peace and solitude.

Nature is calm. Silent. Majestic. Harmonic. Home.

Nature stands ready to comfort anyone willing to dial down their thoughts.

The more thoughts swirl, the more life stinks.
Inner turmoil causes outer chaos.

Large cities throb with constant stimulation.
Crowds, activity and distraction agitate, not calm.
Agitated people are powered by agitated thoughts.
City people buzz with inner turmoil.
Used to the constant buzz, they don’t even notice they’re going insane.

Large cities have destroyed society.
The worst morals, behaviors, laws and leaders inhabit large cities.
Their large numbers control policy for entire states and countries.

Aware individuals avoid big cities.
They know the smaller the population, the better the lifestyle and the more wholesome the people.
The less stimulus, the less chaos.

Solitude quiets minds.
Quiet minds invite peace, joy, brotherhood and inspired ideas.

Filled with this good seed, the rest of their life grows a better crop.

Nature quiets minds.
Nature is good seed.
Nature is REAL.



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