Open Cons, Scams & Destruction

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By Mike Johnson

With research, experience and perspective, the world is openly insane.

Governments, media, doctors, corporations and schools are loudly and proudly pushing products that are massively destructive to individuals.

Yet "normal" society sees nothing amiss.

Here is a short sample of insanity posing as “products.”

Certificates of Deposit
Banks want a lump sum of your cash for a fixed time period.
If lucky, they pay 5% interest in a world with 12% real inflation (
They do this with a straight face.
Worse, most banks are secretly insolvent. They are desperate to get more of your cash and keep you from withdrawing it as long as possible.
Banks that pay the highest interest rates are just more desperate and more insolvent.

Individual Retirement Accounts
This is a similar bank scam but worse because they hold your money until you retire.
That could be decades.
This just multiplies their theft and your loss.

For most, this is just four years and $100,000 down the drain.
Plus, you get brainwashed with misinformation and immersed in a culture that celebrates deviancy, dependency and debt.
There are many other faster, cheaper, effective ways to gain sellable, income-earning knowledge and abilities.
College now harms far more people than it helps.
Yet the educational industrial complex keeps aggressively pushing their students toward college.

Child Vaccines
The recommended number of childhood vaccines now numbers over 70.
This is an indictment of how evil pharmaceutical companies have become.
Also, how gullible and ignorant doctors and parents can be.
If you give your kid these vaccines you are crippling that kid for life.
Autism and other chronic maladies have exploded in direct proportion to the increase in vaccines.
Before injecting things into your own children, do some independent research.
Doctors and vaccine companies do NOT serve your childrens' best interests.
God’s immune system is far superior to any poison cocktail man can mix -- as long as you don’t f--- it up with injections.

Covid Injections
I've invested three thousand hours researching this topic. Thank God I'm a contrarian. It protected me from taking the death jabs.
Hundreds of credentialed, credible doctors and scientists have proven covid injections are purposely-created bioweapons.
These doctors are censored so you must actively search for their information outside the cabal-owned mainstream media.
Remember, the same cabal that owns mainstream media owns the vaccine companies.
Their covid injections are estimated to have killed over 17 million people so far.
They have severely injured hundreds of millions more.
Some say that every shot, has injured every recipient, whether they realize it or not.
Yet, government, media, doctors, corporations and schools still aggressively recommend taking more boosters.
This is insanity in the brightest spotlight.
It’s open murder and assault, under color of law and authority.
It’s a death-tax payable by the ignorant and gullible.

“The vaccine was NOT brought in for covid. Covid was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense.” - Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Contrarians perform a great service to themselves and their communities by questioning open insanity.
We encourage you to do your own research and become your own expert too. Your very life depends upon it.

In the meantime, here's our well-researched advice:
When you encounter someone recommending any of these products, you have met a dope, a corrupt criminal or the cabal.

Respond accordingly.

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