Clarity About Traitors

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By Mike Johnson

Normal people are not evil.
Normal people do not tell enormous lies.
Normal people have empathy for other people.

This is why it’s very difficult for normal people to imagine the depth of evil that inhabits our highest offices.

I discovered that depth of evil while young, while researching the JFK assassination. Thousands of hours of research revealed that a cabal of insiders killed our 35th president and framed a patsy.
Becoming my own JFK assassination expert taught me that people in suits, on national television, can look very authoritative and confident while speaking total and complete nonsense.
I’ve been a contrarian ever since.
“Authority” still broadcasts the same false narrative 60 years later, proving the same cabal runs the world today.

Once you discover a big lie, you doubt everything that liar says, forever.

The covid situation is another exposed giant lie.
The cabal launched the virus, hid existing, off-the-shelf cures, and pushed citizens into bioweapon injections that the cabal had purposely created to injure, disable and kill.
The cabal purposely performed injection genocide against everyone you love.
This is now proven fact.

Worldwide genocide is the very definition of evil.

Just look back to who pushed the shots to identify the evil traitors and unaware useful idiots.
Notice the vast collusion between government, science, media, military, hospitals, doctors, health agencies, corporations, schools and enforcers. They all synchronized their lying "safe & effective" messaging.
This exposes the vast size and reach of the cabal.

There are many other massive lies that reveal who is evil and who enables evil.

The US Supreme Court has obviously been taken over by the cabal. Their recent border vote proves that.
Texas said enough is enough and used its lawful authority to secure its own border. The Biden administration is suing the state for doing so. The feds refuse to enforce immigration rules, procedures and laws.
That's obvious treason right there.

The stolen 2020 and 2022 elections expose another long list of evil leaders and dirty judges.

The recent tape of the Arizona GOP leader offering Kari Lake a bribe “from powerful people out east” proves a cabal has taken over our federal government.
As does the taped congressional intern revealing DC is controlled by blackmail regarding sex and drugs.

Testimony from an independent insurance investigator exposed a cartel of human and drug traffickers bribing thousands of officials in more than 20 states.
They identified over 2,000 dirty judges in Arizona that accepted bribes from the cartels.
The Arizona GOP leader told Kari Lake (on tape!) the cartels now operate in all 50 states.

Elections will not fix this level of corruption and evil.
The cabal owns the election system and the top people who monitor it.
The cabal owns the justice system that we need to arrest and prosecute the criminals.

The cabal owns every political and law enforcement pathway to stop this.

They also own the mainstream media that spews lies and omissions 24/7/365 to keep citizens confused and fooled.

Millions of us who see the evil are trying to wake up the millions who still feed, support, obey and believe these traitors who are unlawfully acting under color of law.

Fraud vitiates everything.
This legal principle says that if fraud is involved, everything that follows is null and void.
So you do not have to obey any fraudulent leader or government.
Anyone who enforces such obedience is guilty of harassment under color of law and is subject to arrest and prosecution themselves.

The only true way to discern what is lawful is to read your state and federal constitutions.
These documents define the exact limits of government and enforcer power.
You’ll see that up to 80% of everything they do is outside these limits.
You do not need lawyers or courts to determine what is legal.
You are smart enough to read and discern the words in those documents.

Citizens are superior to government because we CREATED government.
We can lawfully ignore it, alter it, negate it or dissolve it.
We out number them and their enforcers 10,000 to 1.
Ballots cannot fix the existing system until the corrupted people are removed.

Until we reach this point of clarity, we will remain victims of the cabal.
Unfortunately, they keep making our situation worse.
They want us all to become slaves or corpses.

Because normal people do not think like people running the evil cabal, it is difficult to imagine this being true.

But it is FACT.

Most people will not spend thousands and thousands of hours, spread over decades, researching these topics.
But there are still thousands of us who do. Millions more with discerning minds who dabble.
Some of us are wired by God to be researchers and watchers.
Our mission on earth is to seek hidden truth and discern and share the fruit of all this research.

We do this free of charge. We're trying to help humanity avoid pain and suffering.
We invite you to become a responsible citizen and do your part to starve the beast.

Your family trusts you for their protection.
Will you stand up now while it's easier?
Or will you knash your teeth in regret when it gets harder or impossible?

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