Are You Still Participating?

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By Mike Johnson

Man’s world is filled with irritants.

Jobs. Traffic. Taxes. Melting dollars. Congestion. Crime. Ignorant and defective people. Fake news. Fake history. Fake information. Tyranny.

Most people never realize they don’t have to participate in any of that.

For every irritant, there are lawful and moral ways to escape it.

But most people use their limited energy to make their misery more comfortable, rather than use it to escape the misery altogether.

So they suffer.
And complain.
And cope.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6

The knowledge is out there to escape any irritant.

Your complaints are just telling everyone you are still ignorant.

Every day you fail to ingest this knowledge is another 24 hours you get to suffer.

Life is an open book test where most people refuse to open the book.



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