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By Mike Johnson

No public-school teacher ever discussed silver.
Or inflation.
Or personal finance.
Or the many ways to earn income.

I had to learn all this on my own.
Ignorance kept me trapped in marginal existence for three decades.
Just as the rulers of this realm planned.

Omission is the biggest lie.
By hiding important information, the cabal keeps the masses dependent, exhausted and captive.

It’s on us to self-educate in order to gain financial and time freedom.

Yesterday, I was shopping at a collectible store.
The amount of inventory was enormous.
I enjoy looking at “smalls” because few people take the time to do so.

These are held in locked glass cases.
The paper price of silver has been on a tear lately, so I was focusing on coins.

Silver is priced about $29 per ounce on paper, but in reality, you can’t buy it for less than $41 at a coin shop.
The shops are charging a $12 premium.

I saw seven Morgan silver dollars priced for $39.
These pre-1900 coins hold .77 ounce of pure silver.
This means a Morgan in your hand is worth $31.57 in melt value.
It also has intangible value due to age, rarity and beauty.
So $39 was a bargain.

I considered buying all seven as I kept shopping.

Then I found another coin display.
An 1896 Morgan silver dollar was offered for $29.95.
Priced at less than melt value, it took about a second to decide to trade worth-less digital dollars for God's real silver.
As I admire it now, I understand it took self-education to realize its value.

It takes more than one coin to gain financial and time freedom.
For me, it was businesses and income properties that allowed my escape.
But self-education was the critical component needed to get there.

How many people walked by that coin case because they knew nothing about coins and silver?
Or saw the coin, never realizing it was priced less than value?

How many millions pass trailer parks, never realizing financial and time freedom is hiding among those 14 X 70 foot aluminum ingots?

There are thousands of other topics, creating millions of opportunities, waiting for the self-educated to find them.

Earth systems are not set up to teach the greatest benefits to the masses.
By diabolical design.

When it comes to financial and time freedom, the coin of the realm is self-education.



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