The A-Frame Cabin

Photo courtesy of ebay

By Mike Johnson

In the air.
In the trees.
On the mountain.

Thirty-three years ago, I drove through the valley below as a visitor.
We stopped for gas and saw a Century 21 sign across the street.
Margie scanned the spectacular landscape.
ďMike! You can buy this. What are we doing in Florida?Ē

This was music to my ears because Iíd wanted to move west since visiting at age 10.
In fact, this 1991 trip was me introducing my family to the west for the first time.

But I was fixating on an A-frame cabin across the road, tucked next to a stream draining off the mountain.

Dad had bought a wooded lot in Wisconsin and I dreamed of him building an A-frame cabin.
That never manifested but the dream remained.
The A-frame within view of that 1991 gas station was a duplicate of what I wanted.

The memory imprinted.
I still want an A-frame cabin today.

Last week, Margie took this photo to remind me I already had it.
Itís a photo of my home office from the outside.
I climb up here every morning by 4am.
If I lean back in my chair, my head touches the severe roof angle.
I was too close to this A-frame room, to put the two together.

It took the perspective of an outside view to realize what I already had inside.

Today, I can stand at my living room window and see that 1991 A-frame cabin 1500 feet lower and three miles away.
Then I can turn and climb the log stairs to experience the one I own myself.

My startled awakening to already having an A-frame is like a scene from a B-movie where the blind man finally Cís.

Itís a great reminder of how a small change in perspective can make a big change in our world.

I suspect that every dream we ever hold inside, is an already-owned reflection of something we can project outside.

My office, which I already loved, is now loved even more.

Look for ways to change your perspective.
You may already own that which you seek.

Thank you God.



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