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By Mike Johnson

The world took a radical left turn sixty years ago.
Over five years, a powerful cabal murdered John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
All were blamed on lone gunmen, but all were actually killed by others.

Each “lone gunman” was set up as patsy, proving the diabolical pre-planning involved in each murder.

Once you understand the truth of these murders, it changes your perspective about today’s evil shenanigans.

If they can murder a president, a senator and a civil rights leader -- and get away with it -- they are capable of anything.

Once you realize that elements of the US government, Dallas Police Department, US military and international media planned and covered up the murder of a US president, you stop blindly trusting any authority.

Fortunately, I learned all this as a teenager.

People in suits, on national TV, can look very confident and authoritative while speaking total and complete nonsense.

Until you gain this clarity and perspective, you are a sitting duck for the cabal's lies.

"Safe & effective."
"Most secure election in history."
"Russia is the enemy."

It is human nature to trust people until they show they don’t deserve it.

They showed me at age 6, in 1963, but I didn’t start figuring out their con until age 12 in 1969.

The Vietnam War was purposely amplified after they rubbed out JFK. Lyndon Johnson – also directly involved in the JFK murder -- financially benefitted because his largest campaign donor was Brown & Root, which was given multi-billion, no-bid construction contracts throughout Vietnam to support the war. Brown & Root later became Haliburton, which later generated Dick Cheney, the Gulf War and Cheney’s suspicious involvement in 911. Web-search “Do the orders still stand?”

The cabal’s evil permeates the top layers of every aspect of American society today – government, military, banking, media, business, medical, pharmaceutical, education, climate, science, election fraud, border control, religion, food, police and justice systems.

Look closer at any of these organizations and you quickly find evil lurking beneath the surface.

No one has the time and energy to get to the bottom of every information rabbit hole.

Fortunately, that isn’t needed to catch the gist of what we’re up against.

Just study one.

When Tiger Wood’s wife caught him cheating with one woman, she didn’t need to track down the other 16.
She abruptly and painfully realized that she’d married a liar and a betrayer.
That realization provided enough clarity to dump him and make better decisions that didn’t involve him.

This is the power of rabbit hole homework.

Catch a big lie once and you learn about human nature.
That leads to doubt, questions, self-research, God-given discernment and independently verifying what you're told.
That leads you back to TRUTH.

You can build a life on truth.

Building on lies is just enabling the theft of your time, energy, spirit and loyalty.
Because one day, the rug will be pulled out from under you, and you'll have to start over.

With the truth.

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