The Bigger You

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By Mike Johnson

Until you languish,
Youíll never get your dang wish.

Pace is a secret of life.

When youíre hurried, youíre harried.
When youíre calm, imaginationís your balm.

Everything in your life was created out of thin air.
One day, you didnít have it.
Another, there it was.

Itís valuable to look closer at how this occurs.

Both good and bad, everything youíve manifested began as a thought.
So itís critically important to proactively choose your thoughts.

Leave them on autopilot and unpleasant things appear in your life.
Focus thoughts on what you want, and you get that.

The greater your mastery of focus, the greater your life.

For me, mornings are my ďhot zone.Ē
This is when time, space, energy, clarity, imagination, focus, self-esteem, confidence and courage are at their peak.
This is when I blueprint my life.
Produce my best thoughts.
Channel peace, reverie, gratitude, God and joy to launch my biggest manifestations.
Or just languish in the appreciation of what I already have.

Slow down.
Settle in.
Clear the mechanism.
Appreciate the now.

You created it all.

Imagine how much bigger you'll become when you do it with purposeful focus.



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