Hiding Crime by Omission

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By Mike Johnson

CNBC just published an article about social security.
The thrust was the recommendation to wait until your full retirement age before starting your payments.
They provided a long list of reasons, that to “normal people,” might look like a thorough, convincing and helpful article.

But for people who get the bulk of their news from non-mainstream sources, a glaring omission was obvious.
An omission so large that it exposes the rest of the article as a massive lie.
The article never mentions REAL inflation.

The federal government has quietly changed the formula to calculate inflation many times since 1980.
Every change makes inflation look lower than it actually is.
This hides the huge scale of government theft that occurs by printing and keystroking trillions from thin air.

One statistician, John Williams at ShadowStats.com, regularly reports REAL inflation figures using the original formula from 1980.
It shows that for the past 20 years REAL inflation has run over 10% every year and as high as 17%.

Once real inflation is calculated into your social security consideration, it becomes stupid to wait one extra minute to start your payments.
Because every day you wait, your purchase power drops more.

If your monthly payment is $1400 at age 62 and $1900 at age 67, the difference is $500.
Using the current, REAL inflation rate of 12% per year (the government claims it's only 3.5%), after five years, that $1900 would only buy $1200 dollars worth of goods at today’s purchase power.
Waiting five years LOSES 60% of your purchase power! Forty-two percent if you assume the feds will raise your annual social security payments 3.5% per year (they don't).

In addition, while you wait, you receive zero dollars per month.
Over the five years, if starting at age 62, you would’ve collected $84,000.
Waiting five years “gains” you $500 per month, but by waiting 60 months to collect, it takes 168 months (14 years!) to collect the $84,000 you would’ve got if you didn’t wait.

No one is guaranteed to live those 14 years and no one can guarantee the government will have the money to pay in 14 years.
Plus, even though you would get more dollars, those "more dollars" buy less than fewer dollars buys today!

Now you see what a massive lie it was to omit any mention of real inflation in that article.

The lie now sends a totally different message.

The REAL message is this: The federal government does not have enough money to pay everyone if people keep taking social security as soon as they’re eligible at age 62.
So please stop doing that!

The article was ordered written by the criminal financial cabal that runs the world.

The article was a sneaky way to help them and screw you.

It gets worse.

Old people were draining the cabal’s coffers via Medicare and social security, so the cabal just murdered them under cover of a “pandemic.”
They were so desperate to slow these payouts that they murdered millions of benefit-collecting seniors by using toxic covid hospital treatments and bioweapon injections.
There has never been a larger die-off of old people, in such a short time, in the history of the USA.

But they're eradicating the young too.
Since the covid bioweapon injection arrived, excess deaths in the 25-50 range are up an astounding 40%.
Nip that benefit problem in the bud.
The "pandemic," which scared people to take the deadly shot, was no accident.

The cabal saw the baby boomer population bubble was going to bankrupt them decades ago.
So they made a diabolical plan.
And launched it.

Now you see the “helpful” CNBC social security article for what it is -- a massive LIE, hiding a massive crime.

This is just one article, on one topic.
Omission operates everywhere, in every topic.
There is always more to the story.
Once you detect the omission, you detect the hidden ugliness of the crime.

Realizing that they purposely omit, tells you that you cannot trust mainstream media, "experts" and authority about ANYTHING.

The major systems of our world are run by an organized, colluding, lying, devilish cabal.
They run the mainstream media, education and authority systems that tell you what you "know."

If you’re tired of being a dupe, do your own non-mainstream research and become your own expert.

Your very life depends upon it.

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