Are You Money Brave?

By Mike Johnson

Thirty-two years ago, I was mowing the lawn when epiphany hit.

“Of all the challenges we’re here to overcome on earth, money is the easiest.”

The message was clearly divine. From that moment on, I became “Money Brave.”

Money Brave demands more than a paycheck. More than a job. More than marginal solvency.

Money Brave creates a side hustle to embellish or replace your primary job.

Money Brave puts you out there, imagining, researching, learning, selling, advancing your project or product.

Money Brave applies your wits, right up against rejection, until you earn or learn the results you demand.

Money Brave is the fuel that drives you to financial & time freedom.

The journey to overcome money turns you into the larger person required to become the dream.

That bigger person is now more capable to overcome earth’s more difficult challenges.

There are many paths. But they all require YOU. Not half of you. Not the conforming, self-conscious, fearful you.


Start small. Start proud. Start momentum.

The fastest route to your desires is to study people who have already achieved them. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Until you become Money Brave, another 24 hours will pass without any progress toward your dream.

Ensure daily progress by arising an hour early & giving that first hour to you & your dream. Eat dessert first.

Examples? You want examples? Access some real-world Money Brave stories below.


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