There Is No Competition

By Mike Johnson

After 65 years on this rock, I can tell you that “average” operates at such a low level as to be insignificant.

Spend 10 hours immersed in any topic and you are smarter than 75% of everyone else.
Spend 100 hours and it’s 90%.
Spend 1,000 hours and it’s 95%.
Spend 10,000 hours and you’re the smartest person in 99.99% of every room.

Notice that the rate of return on your time/research investment drops spectacularly after 100 hours.

This means that if producing income is your goal, most “credentials” are an unnecessary expense of time and money.

In most topics, 100 hours is good enough to become “above average” in the field. You can successfully monetize your knowledge at this level.

Save your 100+ hour “passion topics” for the subjects that really light you up. Expect your reward to be self-discovery, knowledge, enlightenment and mentorship, not money.

The more you learn about the topic, the fewer people will “get you.” You’re too far down the road for them to grasp (or believe) what you’ve learned. So getting smarter distances you from people. They pick up the vibe and avoid your topics.

Also expect the shock of realizing you’re smarter than 99.9% of the elected leaders, CEOs, celebrities, professors & “experts” in your passion topics. They just won’t put in the time you did. They especially won’t look at the non-mainstream sources you did.

Nobody will.

So every avenue you desire is wide open.

Bow before no man. There is no competition.



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