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By Mike Johnson

I need space.
Not NASA space, which is a gigantic lie.

I mean room. Distance. Physical separation.
Specifically, space without people.

This is why I live west of the Mississippi.
Away from the coasts.
Deep in the remote American west.
In the least-populated state.

Yesterday, we had an appointment 90 miles away.
The roads were empty.
No one ahead of us slowing us down.
No one behind us pushing us to hurry.

Beauty, terrain and wildlife in all directions.

Later, no line at the restaurant.
Full Chinese buffet.
Instant seating, private booth, instant eating.

On the way home, we were the only car at the gas station.

There are many ways to live.

Apparently, jammed in with the masses, is the most popular.
Good for them.

Which is VERY good for me.



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