Our Hour

Free use photo from Pixabay.com

By Mike Johnson

Leave it to government to claim you’re “gaining” an hour today.

They're just stealing it from the end of your life, then falsifying today’s clock to hide the theft.

Just like they run everything. Theft today, fake numbers tomorrow.

Standard operating procedure.

No matter. Once you see through the illusion of time, clocks lose their importance.

Time isn’t moving, YOU are.

It’s always NOW.
That never changes.

Your consciousness is what advances the frames of your movie.

Past, present and future are already complete. The “scene” you focus upon determines what’s “real” to you.

The aware do this with intention.
As self-actualized, sovereign beings, they stay focused on evolving, entertaining and enlightening experiences.

They’re always on Delight Savings Time.

The rest are still fiddling with clocks.

Or working for government.



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