Secrets of Wealth

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By Mike Johnson

You do not get rich in the herd.

You do not get rich by conformity.

You do not get rich by going along to get along.

Until you step out on your own,
you’ll only get scraps from the bone.

Nineteen out of twenty will never become financially free.
Of the small number who do, half of those never realize money is NOT wealth.

Money is just a tool.
But it’s a LARGE tool.

It buys options.
It buys time.
It buys freedom.

Time and freedom are REAL wealth.

I am wealthy. But only because I see money in its proper perspective.
I stopped at “enough.”
I stopped when I reached financial and time freedom.

To me, time and freedom are the real treasure.

Some moneyed people never get enough.
They become slaves to money.
They never stop.
They never “get there.”

But most other people never even earn enough money for life basics.
They won’t be shedding any tears for the poor, rich money addicts.

School does not teach how to earn money.
At best, it makes a hash of steering people into jobs.
Jobs will never provide enough money to get “rich.”

Worse, most “financial experts” share the absolute worst financial advice.
Follow their advice and you’ll never get rich either.
Their fees might make THEM rich, but not you.

No one gets rich until they become their own best expert.

You cannot delegate the journey to wealth.

You must leave the herd and dive in yourself.
You must do the learning, create the value, take the actions and adapt until you get the results.

My best secrets of wealth are linked below.

Enjoy the journey.

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