The Environment to Build

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By Mike Johnson

When Daniel was in the lion’s den, he wasn’t building a new income stream.

When the Titanic hit the iceberg, the richest passengers weren’t diversifying their portfolios.

When United Flight 232 lost its hydraulics, the pilots weren’t focusing on search engine optimization.

The environment in which you operate matters.

The United States became the richest empire on earth due to its freedom, peace, rule of law, morality and lack of regulations.
With the right environment, people naturally create abundance.

All of the environmental aspects above are under direct attack by our own “self-government.”

Many are ignorant of these developments.
Many others chose to ignore them and continue operating as normal.

Here is a small summary of how the environment has changed:

The US government purposely created a virus, launched it on the global populace and then forced a bioweapon injection (that they also purposely created) as the “cure.”

The US government is looting the treasury under the disguise of wars, social programs, student loan bailouts and assistance to millions of illegal aliens.

The US government is refusing to enforce lawful entry laws so millions of unvetted people can enter America. A large percentage of these unvetted people are military-age males.

This border chaos also enables drug and human trafficking to flourish. Evidence shows the cartels running these operations are bribing federal leaders, state leaders, judges and law enforcement.

The US government is using the justice system as a weapon to rig elections and jail and fine people who lawfully challenge government.

When attacks and corruption operate this openly, deeply and vast, your very life is at risk, let alone your assets.
The trajectory points to this worsening, not improving.

Those awake to these attacks, have changed their priorities.

The top priority is no longer getting a return ON investment.
It’s getting a return OF investment.
Security trumps growth.

I’m naturally an optimist.
I'm naturally creative.

But I can’t ignore what’s happening around me.

The lions, the sea water and the ground are approaching at high speed.

This requires your immediate attention.



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