Dome Sweet Dome

Meme freely shared on Internet

By Mike Johnson

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like dome.

We’re told the earth is a huge spinning ball,
But there’s no independent proof at all.
NASA admits globe pictures use Photoshop,
They’re free to lie, cause there’s no NASA cop.

The space station video always shows bubbles,
In space that would signify really bad troubles.
In Houston there’s a mock-up in a really big pool,
They say it’s for training, they think you’re a fool.

Those Apollo missions were filmed on a set,
On a military base where press could not get.
Armstrong and Aldrin admitted the disguise,
And Collins was caught telling many big lies.

The lunar lander had walls only covered in foil,
250 degree temps would’ve caused freezing or broil.
The craft left no crater, no dust on the pads,
No tracks from the buggy that carried the lads.

The bible says moon is a light made by God,
So close in your camera, the claimed distance is odd.
It’s the same size as the sun which also is close,
A few hundred miles, not across the cosmos.

Those ships that you see disappear behind the curve?
Telescopes show them come back, if you have the nerve.
As for the spin, they say a thousand miles per hour,
Yet lakes are still-calm despite that gale’s power.

All countries on earth enforce an Antarctic treaty,
No visits, no fly-overs, to keep it discretey.
The earth is a plane with surrounding ice wall,
That holds in our flat oceans, we’re not on a ball.

The bible says we live under a firmament dome,
So space travel’s a lie, can't leave our terrarium home.
“Outer space” is actually the lands beyond walls of ice,
Admiral Bird said on TV that he’d visited them twice.

Extra-terrestrial “aliens” aren’t light years away,
They're just beyond the ice, flyable in less than a day.
Ancient maps show continents beyond that ice wall,
Many could support life, perhaps even them all.

The devils in charge only let us go so far,
Keep us ignorant so we don’t even know where we are.
They’re hiding the fact that we’re special to God,
Made in his image and placed in this pod.

We’re certainly not random, no need for compliance,
Rulers treat us like mice when we’re actually giants.
God gave us dominion over this flat earth,
Devil hides that so badly, we see through his mirth.

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