A Dash of Quirky

Early photo of our trolley tour operation by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

A dash of quirky turns a good idea into a great idea.

A city tour is a good idea.
A city tour performed in a trolley is a GREAT idea.

A trolley is quirky.
Outside the norm.

A trolley markets itself.

It catches your eye.
Full of people.

Its intriguing. It makes spectators want to learn more.

So they buy a ticket and climb aboard.
Experience the magic.
And travel back in time.

Brass handrails.
Curved wooden roof.
Dozens of rounded windows.
Padded, wooden slat benches.

Now the performers love on them for 60 minutes straight.

Share fascinating stories.
Pass around historical relics.
Flash 100-year-old photographs.
Play funny sound clips.
Award wooden nickels to trivia winners.
Offer complementary ice water and licorice.
Gift a free custom-created 84-page souvenir magazine.
Share a free ride back to their hotel.

After decades as entrepreneurs, weve learned that the best businesses are those that deliver the best of YOU.

Quirky gets them on board but LOVE turns them into evangelists.


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