Little Brains

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By Mike Johnson

“Being from earth as you are, and using as little of your brain as you do, your life has pretty much been devoted to dealing with fear.
Everybody on earth deals with fear. That’s what little brains do.”

- Bob Diamond, "Defending Your Life"

People who challenge conventional wisdom don’t wake up one day and say, “I think I’ll suffer rejection and ridicule by telling everyone the covid injections are bioweapons.”

There is an A-to-Z knowledge scale for every topic.
Most people are stuck in survival mode, so have no time or energy to dig deeper than A or B.

But those who do, quickly learn that things are not as publicly portrayed.
So of course, those who research deeper sound strange to those who don’t.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr is a good example.
He has done more independent research about the covid injections – and vaccines in general – than most anyone on earth.
He’s written two dozen books, several of them exposing the poisonous nature of vaccines and those who push them.

This goes against conventional wisdom.
Once you see truth, you can’t unsee it.
If that truth involves the injury of others, you enthusiastically share that truth to prevent more pain.

But if the people you’re trying to warn are scared little brains, they not only can’t accept the truth, they personally attack you for speaking against the narrative.
In their ignorance, they call YOU an ignorant conspiracy theorist for believing such nonsense.

RFK’s family has not only rejected his warnings, they have spoken against him in public, saying his "misinformation" is hurting people.
These people, who get their news passively from the couch in front of their TV, have the audacity to insult a man who has spent years actively and independently researching and mastering the topics they don’t even comprehend.
He’s risking his very life, trying to save THEIR life, and they’re shitting on him publicly.
While they defend the very vaccine-pushers who are trying to kill them!

You don’t get a better example of the gullible, intellectual laziness of human nature than that.
With an added dose of arrogance thinking they’re smarter than the bigger brain who has proactively gone out and invested years doing the research.

A conspiracy is merely two or more people working together to perform a crime.
Most crimes involve at least two people.
Therefore, most crimes ARE conspiracies.

Most of the world's most incredible conspiracy theories have proven to be TRUE.

“Theorists” are merely people who understand the weakness of human nature, recognize patterns, and use their God-given discernment to research and question authorities and their flimsy cover stories.

They arrive wired with a burning hunger for truth.
They invest much of their entire lives searching for it.

Everyone gets to decide how they spend their time.
If independent research isn’t your thing, fine.

But show a little more flexibility in your world view.
It's likely that you DON'T know everything.
In fact, if you rely on schooling, television and authorities, I can tell you that most everything you DO know is WRONG.

Please temporarily set aside your disbelief and listen.
Use your God-given power of discernment.
There are many more devilish activities perpetrated by "authority" than poisonous vaccines.
We've discovered many of them.
We’re trying to help you.

We’ve done the research.

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