Are You Ready to Rumble?

By Mike Johnson

If you want uncensored news and information videos, head straight to

Pick a topic, do a search and feel your brain expand.

If itís censored on YouTube or mainstream sites, youíll find it at

They are especially rich in non-mainstream documentaries and interviews with censored experts.

Since launching the magic virus and their bioweapon injections, the cabal has amped up censorship by a factor of 100. Iím a personal victim of this unlawful censorship, kicked off LinkedIn for posting two 100% true, verifiable comments.

The purposeful destruction of America continues. The illegitimate puppet leaders in charge are ordered to sabotage America while making it look like incompetence.

This isnít just stupidity or a difference of opinion. This is direct, purposeful destruction by order of the cabal that owns our leaders.

Donít listen to mainstream media for a second. Itís all owned by the cabal. Itís all lies and poison to assist their personal attacks against you.

Better information can save your familyís lives. Youíll get that better information on



Turn Off the Media

Garbage In Garbage Out

The "News" is Produced




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