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By Mike Johnson

Because your birthright is eternal life, youíve already won the game.
Thanks to Godís grace, anything you fear is just temporary illusion.

But here on earth, immersed in constant mental and physical stimulation, itís easy to forget this.
Especially when the devil owns the earthly systems that deceive you to believe youíre a mouse.

This is a massive lie.

Thanks to God, you are a GIANT.

Discovering this, breaks you free from the illusion of limitation.

So FREEDOM is the navigational beacon that should steer your daily efforts.
Freedom from everything that restricts the full expression of the largest, moral, ideal life that you can imagine.

Freedom from ignorance and unawareness.
Freedom from work schedules.
Freedom from income limits.
Freedom from geography.
Freedom from toxic situations and people.
Freedom from any mental pain.
Freedom from health issues.
Freedom from anything that stops your growth and creative opportunities.

Freedom leads you to lifeís grandest riches, in lifeís perfect order.

God. Love. Health. Time. Growth. Abundance.

This freedom is your birthright as granted by GOD.
Donít let anyone, let alone diabolical illusion, steal what youíve been given by your creator.

The journey only seems difficult because the devilís earth systems have filled your head with lies, indoctrination and fear.

You are bigger than the devil and you are bigger than his deceptions.

You are a giant.
You are powerful.

You can discern lies and learn the higher truths.

You can be FREE.

You ARE free.

Just get to work and claim it.



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