Why Your Vote is Worthless

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By Mike Johnson

Most of your local leaders are doing nothing to stop election fraud.
Here in conservative Wyoming, in one of the most conservative counties, our leaders still allow a 30-day period to vote with mail-in ballots.
They still allow the use of tabulating machines.

Cheaters need time to cheat. Thirty days of voting tells officials which way the vote is going, which alerts them which races need to be “massaged.”
Tabulating machines put a veil between the count of the votes. No one can watch the count inside the machine.

If our local leaders were committed to vote integrity, they’d demand same-day, in-person voting, with paper ballots, witnessed hand-counts, require voter and citizenship ID, use NO electronic vote or tabulation machines and announce the results on the same day.

Anything outside these tight constraints creates a "gap" that can be exploited for cheating.
Anyone who allows these gaps, is naive, ignorant or a cheater.

If your local leaders are so uneducated about vote fraud that they allow 30-day voting and machine tabulation, you know that your vote doesn’t count.

Just ONE fraudulent vote negates YOUR vote.

This means they have severed you from our self-government.

This means they no longer have your lawful consent.

This means that to YOU, they are an illegitimate government.

Everything they order is now null and void and of no legal consequence to you.

You are not subject to them, their laws or their taxes.

Secure voting is EVERYTHING in self-government.

Many studies have proven that during every American election cycle, there are MILLIONS of fraudulent votes.

This means “our leaders” are NOT our leaders.

There is no law that forces us to obey criminals.

Your local leaders are intellectually lazy and vocal cowards about many topics that are destroying citizens.

Bioweapon injections, the looting of our federal treasury, the unlawful collection of federal income tax, destruction of our purchase power by counterfeiting trillions, open borders, lying cabal-owned media, unlawful surveillance, the federal fomenting of civil war and WWIII, false flag attacks, climate change lies, chemtrails, weather wars, a dementia-puppet president, the weaponization of our justice system and of course, election fraud.

By remaining ignorant and silent, our local leaders are enabling all this tyranny.

If your candidates are not talking about these topics, they are unfit for the position.
They are either ignorant, enabling, corrupt, or cowards.
We will never stop the tyranny until our local leaders lead the charge to stop it.

The tenth amendment of the federal constitution gives our state and local leaders the power to NULLIFY any unconstitutional action, law, tax or decree.
More so, their oath of office REQUIRES them to preserve, protect and obey it.
Read the document and see how far off the rules our governments operate, and how our elected leaders ALLOW IT.
For extra credit, read the state constitution and notice all the violations there too.

Go ahead and vote.
But nothing changes until we peacefully refuse to comply and aggressively demand that our leaders and candidates loudly address these issues.

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