Life is a Simulation Game

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By Mike Johnson

As an eternal soul, you crave education, entertainment, experience and enlightenment.
Earth is a simulation game that provides all of that.

You step into an avatar (your body) and off you go.
This game is filled with every possible variable.

Good and evil.
Love and hate.
Challenge and victory.
Pain and pleasure.
Persecution and redemption.
Grief and ecstasy.

As we dive deeper into quantum mechanics, there is increasing evidence that earth life is just a massive simulation.
The "physicality" here is not base reality.
But your consciousness IS.
I encourage you to explore this rabbit hole.

It’s already been proven that “death” is an illusion.
Your soul never dies.
Physical earth death is just an exit from the simulation.

The biggest challenge of this earth game is its “leaders.”
These entities purposely bombard you with fear and falsity from the moment you enter the womb.
This never stops during your entire lifespan.

Fear and falsity makes the game far more challenging.
Fear and falsity freezes you from doing what you know must be done.
Fear and falsity fools you into believing you’re a mouse when you’re actually a giant.

Until you see through fear and falsity, you’ll score poorly in the game.

Let me say it more simply.

The world is a LIE.

It’s not what you’ve been told.

Just about everything you’ve been taught is false.

Your life is only difficult because you believe these lies.

Therefore, to do better at the game, start questioning everything.

There is no “authority” superior to your own critical thinking and discernment.
Most “authority” is just repeating and enforcing the same lies they were taught, but under color of law or power of title.
These authority figures are fools and worse.
They deserve ridicule, negation and a dash of sympathy. They are dark and lost.

THEY are the mice.

YOU are the giant.

Once you gain clarity on this, you start racking up points in the game.

Clarity is like earning a session of extended play with no possibility of loss.

EVERYTHING becomes pleasurable. ANYTHING becomes possible. NOTHING can harm you.



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